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Abstract: Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Winemaking. Questions will continuously be updated. Click the title to see what has been asked!

- What's the difference in making wine from a kit versus making  wine from fresh grapes?

Making wine from kits is much simpler and requires less investment than making wine with grapes. The cost associated with a wine kit that yields 30 bottles is approximately $250.00 VS. $1,000.00 for using grapes for the same volume.

- How complicated will the process be? 

With the winemakers toolbox, the process has been simplified enormously. You can make 6 bottles of wine with minimal effort. Everything is included and the time required in less than 8 hours (over a 4 week period).

- How can I make more than 6 bottles?

By purchasing the required “starter kit”, you can make a 30 bottle batch. The procedures are very similar to procedure of the Winemaker’s Toolbox. The main difference is upon completion, you will have 5 times the volume (close to 30 bottles!), enough to enjoy with friends and/or let age.

- How much is the initial investment if I want to increase the amount of wine I can produce? 

In order to increase your capacity to 1 full batch (approximately 30 bottles), the investment will vary between $200.00 and $250.00. The majority of the equipment and materials you would purchase is reusable with the exception of the wine kit!  




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